Becoming a Bulletproof Man

For most of us nothing starts the day off better than a fresh cup of coffee. For myself until fairly recently I was not a coffee guy, but lots of my friends and family members live by a daily cup of joe. It is essential for them, and I could never quite wrap my head around why. That all changed one evening a few weeks back when I was laying in bed and decided to tune into the Joe Rogan Podcast who had a guest by the name of Dave Asprey. The man is a genius. He has spent 15 plus years and over $250,000 trying to hack his own biology, and the best part is he shares his discoveries with us. (Great Man) Anyways, while the whole podcast was very intriguing and caused me to listen to it again the next day to take some notes on the overload of information Dave was providing, the main topic that caught my mind was this Bulletproof Coffee he was going on about. It wasn’t your ordinary cup of joe, it involved a strange process that I had never heard of before. Me being me and always wanting to try stuff that can improve my bodies overall performance I had to try it out.

Not being an avid coffee drinker I wasn’t equipped with the essentials to make a good cup so I headed out to the store picked myself up a French Press on sale and a grinder. I now had what I needed to make a cup of coffee, but not Bulletproof Coffee. This took time and research, and also enabled me to gain respect for the coffee world. It’s more than just going to Starbucks or Tim Horton’s and buying a cup, it’s a culture. (A very profitable culture I might add). Learning about the different processes and ways in which coffee beans are grown and how different altitudes, moistures, environments, countries, can make a huge impact on the bean itself. This was all very intellectually stimulating for myself and changed my whole outlook on coffee. I found myself being wrapped into the culture and wanting to take part in it, and I still hadn’t even had a cup of this BulletProof Coffee. It was time to set aside the research for the time being. I located the best place to buy some high quality fresh beans in my hometown and 15 bucks later I had my Honduran coffee that was a “shade grown, high elevation beauty.” It was time to become BulletProof and these are the items and steps to making it happen:

The Essentials

  1. Buy some good beans. (This is key DO NOT CHINCE OUT ON THIS)
  2. Buy some organic/grass-fed butter
  3. Buy a jar of coconut oil
  4. Make sure you have a blender and a way of brewing your coffee

The Process

  1. Grind up the beans
  2. Brew your coffee (I used the French Press)
  3. Pour the coffee into the blender
  4. Add 2 Tbs of grass-fed butter and coconut oil
  5. Blend and enjoy your BulletProof Coffee

Here is a link for more info directly from the man himself Dave Asprey (I highly recommend visting his site for a more detailed understanding of the benefits and process. I am simply just promoting his incredible discovery, and no I am not being paid to do this or asked)

This coffee not only gives you the boost you need to power through the day, but it also gives you essential fats your body needs, and is an excellent morning meal replacement if your trying to trim down a few pounds. The testimonials speak for themselves and the coffee sure does work. Oh and I forgot to mention it tastes great!

Whether or not you end up making a cup of this BulletProof Coffee is up to you, but I at least suggest researching the basics of coffee and it’s culture. In your life you are bound to drink at least one cup of coffee, and for lots I’m sure it is at least one cup a day so you may as well expand your knowledge on coffee past being able to order it at the Tim Horton’s drive thru.  In my opinion having a basic understanding on coffee and its processes is good knowledge for any young man to have.

Stay Classy.

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2 Responses to “Becoming a Bulletproof Man”
  1. Dave Asprey says:

    Great post!

    Good news – in about a week I am launching Canadian Silver Label Upgraded Coffee, roasted in Canada, shipped only to Canada. Cleanest low toxin coffee this side of the border!

  2. Alex says:

    Thanks, and that’s awesome news! Can’t wait!

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